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Welcome to the RF Laboratory

The Radio Frequency Laboratory, aims to enable conditions for the development and cutting-edge research in the areas of radio. From telecommunications to incubation in other solutions such as wireless power transmission.

We aim to provide teachers, researchers and students cutting-edge equipment to meet the needs of those working at the forefront of technology.


The Radio Frequency Laboratory at IT Aveiro is divided into three different sections: 

- One is devoted to Industrial R&D development, with RF measurement and prototype design capabilities. 

- A second important part of the laboratory is dedicated exclusively to measurement of RF/Microwave and Millimetre wave characterization, with measurement capability spanning from few kHz up to tenths of GHz. This Lab is equipped with cutting edge resources such as: Network analyzers (3GHz, 67 GHz and 70GHz), Spectrum analyzers (26.5 GHz, 40GHz), CW Signal generators (up to 40GHz), Arbitrary Waveform Generator up to 4GHz with wireless modulation capabilities (CDMA 2000, W-CDMA, IS-95, GSM, Bluetooth), Transition Analyser (up to 40GHz) a Probing Station, several power meters and a variety of high power DC sources. 

- The third part of the laboratory is devoted to Digital TV and Wireless Video Communications, with dedicated video equipment including a Test Transmitter, DTV IP Inserter, DVB-T Receivers, a Professional Sony Monitor, an Oscilloscope with vector scope capabilities and a TV Spectrum Analyzer.

Moreover, the RF and Wireless facility existing at the University of Aveiro can also be accessed, which includes a Noise figure instrument bench up to 18GHz, measurement capability for propagation channel modelling and an anechoic chamber for antenna measurements up to 2 GHz in direct measurement, or up to 18 GHz in splitted bands.